7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume 23

— 1 —

Rest in peace, Google Reader. It’s been almost three weeks since Google retired one of their best products of all time: the simple, streamlined, easy-to-use feed reader for keeping up with blogs. I’m using Feedly now and I am really having a hard time getting used to it. Are you a Google Reader refugee? What’s your new favorite reader?

— 2 —


New van magnet, purchased from St. Peter’s List.

— 3 —

Household update! Life continues to be rich with blessings and precious family time. Lately I have been reflecting on marriage as teamwork. We have a lot going on right now between work and raising children and maintaining a home, but sharing life’s daily burdens with Shannon has made it all joy. I have never had such tiring days. I have never worked harder physically (or mentally) as I have in the past two months. And I’ve never felt more fulfilled, more purposeful, more attuned to this vocation God has called me to. I look at my husband and smile to myself. Who knew that the kid I had a crush on in seventh grade would become my partner in bringing forth three amazing little people into the world? Who knew that we could be where we are today? (I knew, for the record. Took him awhile though. ;)  )

— 4 —

New dream: In the next three to five years, we will be debt-free except the mortgage. We’ll sell the house and buy a big farmette in the nearby country. Six big bedrooms. Spacious kitchen. Homeschooling room. Wraparound porch with rocking chairs. I finally have a clear image of my ultimate dream home. I feel unstoppable – so motivated!

— 5 —

“If you’re Catholic and you disagree with your Church, what do you do? You change your mind.” – Archbishop Chaput

(Because otherwise, why bother?)

— 6 —

Check out these photos of Detroit in modern ruins. Heartbreaking and infuriating. There are lessons to be learned here, folks.

— 7 —

Big storm rolling in right now. Area meteorologists are saying its the result of the “cold front” which is about 84 degrees. As you can infer, its been pretty hot. Coming up tomorrow – weekend links! Good stuff in the blogosphere lately.

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5 responses to “7 Quick Takes Friday, Volume 23

  1. I’m using Feedly as well, but I miss Google Reader, it was definitely better. Makes SO much sense to get rid of your best product.. hah.

    Love that quote.

  2. I switched to feedly as well, and am having a hard time getting used to it. I feel like the read/unread system is messed up? That, or I can’t figure out how to make the settings the way i want them.

  3. I’m getting into Bloglovin.

  4. I started out with AOL reader, but I didn’t really like it. No good reason why, though. I’m using Feedly now, which I like well enough, but I agree, the read/unread system is weird.

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