Weekend links for July 20-21st, 2013

21 tips for survival mode by Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary

 Parents of young children, you’ll love this one. Which is your favorite?


- Catholic All Year: So you Guys are Done, Right? How Having the Right Friends Changed My Answer 


- Phony Marriage or Holy Matrimony? by Fr. Dwight Longenecker at Standing on my Head

I would also advocate a change in terminology. From now on I will refer to a Catholic marriage as “Holy Matrimony”. If “marriage” can be between two men or two women or multiple people or whatever other definitions people wish to put on it, then that term is no good to us. Terminology matters and I suggest that those who wish to maintain the truth of marriage now use the term “Holy Matrimony”. It may be somewhat cumbersome at first, but we will know where we stand.


- Zimmerman Not Guilty by The American Catholic

(My thoughts exactly, Mr. McClarey.) Comments are good too.


- By What Authority? by Paul McCusker at Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

Thereafter, I thought that, since the question was important to me, I ought to put it to my Protestant friends because it ought to be important to them. I was naïve. The question was often unwelcome, but stirred up some remarkable reactions.

One involved a wide-eyed have-you-lost-your-mind kind of response. Not because I had lost my mind, but because the question itself seemed crazy. The answer, it’s assumed, was clearly established long-ago by someone somewhere – though they don’t know when or by whom or where exactly. Maybe by Luther or Billy Graham. But certainly not by the corrupt gang who messed everything up before them.

Not only was the question crazy, it was superfluous. It’s like asking whether or not the American Revolution was a legitimate action or speculating what might have happened had the South won the Civil War. Things are what they are, there’s no point in revisiting a question that’s been answered somewhere somehow.  Don’t mess with the “givens.”


- How to Live with an Introvert by Jenny Frankfurt – a very informative cartoon! I’m a major introvert and I give these recommendations my full endorsement.

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3 responses to “Weekend links for July 20-21st, 2013

  1. Joe

    Thou shalt not kill.

    (Unless you see a tall black person, then by all means…)

    • Your comment indicates that you’ve fallen for a false media narrative. The facts of the case do not support a guilty verdict, period.

    • JJ

      Joe – Actually, every Bible I’ve checked (so far) actually says “Thou shalt not murder”. Otherwise it could be taken literally to not kill any other creature (even those parasitical mosquitoes…)

      Besides, Treyvon had an opportunity to keep the situation from escalating by either defusing the situation or continuing on his way. Instead, he went on the offensive and was the first to apply deadly force by throwing the first punch (yes, people have died after being punched just once. Zimmerman was lucky to have retained consciousness).

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